How can you afford to be so cheap?

GloBird Energy don’t have a towering city office with overpaid executives, we use the latest technology and the power of cloud computing to run a leaner, less labour intensive back office and pass these savings onto our customers. To get our best rates make sure you pay on time and maximise your discount.


Aren’t all energy retailers basically the same?

There are many energy retailers out there, each charging different rates and charges. The deregulation of the energy market means increased competition, and that’s a good thing for those who take the time to shop around. It’s common for people to be paying 30% more for their electricity by choosing the wrong retailer. You have the power! You can choose the energy provider that suits you best.

Will you change my discount?

We guarantee to keep your discount for at least a year from when you join us, and that we won’t just change the price unless the networks prices or wholesale prices force us to. For your peace of mind, we don’t have a lock in contract, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the price or service we deliver you can switch to another retailer without any penalty or fee.

Will you increase your price on me?

We do everything we can to remain as competitive as possible and keep our rates low.  We won’t just change the price unless the networks prices or wholesale prices force us to. For your peace of mind, we don’t have a lock in contract, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the service we deliver or our price you can switch to another retailer without any penalty or fee.

Network companies (who own the wires and poles) get approval from the Victorian Government to re-set their base prices once every year (usually in January). We pass any price change on (as do all retailers) when this occurs. This annual price reset is governed by the Essential Services Commission and is outside the retailer’s control. The wholesale market is set by the basic laws of supply and demand, as such retailers have no control over market fluctuations.

For more information, please read our legal page on fees.

Do you charge credit card fees?

No, we won’t charge you extra just for paying by credit card. That would be wrong.

Do you accept American Express?

Yes, we do accept AMEX and we won’t charge you extra when you use it to pay your bill.

Isn’t it a hassle switching retailer?

You’d be surprised just how quick and easy switching is. You can sign up on-line in seconds.

How can I compare my current provider with GloBird?

Give us a call, or use our easy comparison tool, just grab your current bill and type in 4 things (all available on your bill)

  1. NMI (this number identifies your meter)
  2. The total of your bill after discount
  3. The number of days the bill is for (also knows as the “usage period”)
  4. How much power you’ve used have used (total kWh)

We’ll show you how much the same bill would be with us and how much you’ll save.

Compare your bill

Why have my rates changed?

We are a retailer and we do all we can to keep our rates as competitive as possible. However as a retailer we don’t generate or distribute power. In Victorian the electricity distributors who own the wires and cables generally reset their network charges every January. As a retailer we have to pass on these charges to our customer. Network charges make us as much as 50% of your bill. The rest of your bill is made up of wholesale costs and other costs, these costs also change from time to time. We will provide you with written notice when we are changing our rates.

How can I be sure you calculate my bill correctly?

Electricity retailers must be licensed by the Victorian Government’s Essential Services Commission and have to abide by strict regulation. All retailers must calculate your bill using data provided by an independent metering company (that is also government regulated). This data is used as the basis for bill.

Do you change my meter?

Your meter doesn’t change. The company that reads your meter stays the same. The meter company is an independent company regulated by the Victorian government, they provide us with dependable data to calculate your bill. You simply pay a different rate for the power you use.

How often do you issue a bill?

In the majority of cases we issue bills monthly, however this is not always possible.

What if I switch and then change my mind later?

As a consumer you have the right to a 10 day cooling off period. So if you switch to us you can change your mind later, no problem. But on top of that, we don’t charge any joining fees or leaving fees, and we don’t have a lock in contract, so you are free to choose to stay with us for as long or as short as you like.

Will there be a disruption to my energy supply if I switch?

Switching is very easy. There will be no disruption to your energy supply. You will get the same electricity service supplied through the same wires and poles using the same meter. We just handle the billing and customer service for you.

Who do I call for faults or power outages?

There are 5 distributors (they owns the wires and cables that transmit power to your premises). They are responsible for any faults and power outages that might occur. If you have a fault or power outage, it’s important to contact the distributor in charge of your area. To contact your distributor click the below link.

Power Faults

What’s the difference between an electricity retailer and a distributor?

The distributor (or network provider) owns the wires and cables and are responsible for transmitting power from the generator to your property. As a retailer we interact with customers and manage the billing side of things

What are your hours of operation?

We’re open between 9am – 6pm Mon to Fri and Saturday 10am – 4pm (except for Public Holidays)

How do I contact GloBird?

You can phone, email, or use online chat. Click below for a full list of contact methods

Contact Us

What do I do if I’m moving property?

Let us know. You can call us on 1300 456 247 and we’ll arrange the power to be switched on and ready at your new place. Alternatively you can sign up on-line and select the day you want the power switched on. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can have the power on and ready for you.

Why is there a peak and off-peak rate?

The demand for energy changes, there is usually higher demand for electricity during the day especially on hot days when people are using air conditioning. Busy peak times can place a strain on the electricity networks. That’s why off-peak electricity is charged at a lower price, this encourages energy users to consume their electricity outside these busy times. Off-peak refers to lower, discounted electricity prices during specific times. Off-peak times are generally when homes and businesses use less electricity like night time or on weekends. Click below to learn more about how the energy market works.

Learn More

What’s the difference between an actual meter read and an estimate?

Where possible we will always provide you with a bill based on your actual electricity usage, however in some cases we may not be able to get access to your meter. In these cases we will use your usage history to estimate your energy usage and send you a bill based on an estimate. Your bill will tell you if we have used an estimate to calculate your bill.

Do I get a discount for paying my bill on time?

We like to reward customers when they pay their bill on time with a generous discount, most of our plans have a conditional pay on time discount.

Direct Debit

Can I set up direct debit?

Yes, we can automatically debit your bank or your credit card when your bill falls due. Setting up a automatic direct debit payment is a great way to make sure you never miss a bill and therefore guarantee getting the max pay on time discount attached to your plan.

Direct Debit

How can I reduce my energy usage and lower my bill?

Click below to go see a list of simple energy saving tips.

Learn more

How can I learn more about the information on my bill?

There is a lot of information on your bill. Click below to see an explanation about most items on your bill

Learn more

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill using BPay, automatic credit card payments, manual credit card over the phone or online. You can also send a cheque or pay in person at the Post Office or at any Commonwealth Bank. A full list of payment options are shown on your bill.

How to pay

How do I know if I'm getting a concession?

Information regarding your concession amount is shown on the first page of your electricity bill under Electricity Charges Summary. For more information on concessions click the below link

Learn more

Will the faults and emergency contact number change when I switch?

No, energy retailers don’t own or operate the wires and poles. The power that is supplied to your premises remains the same and is managed by an independent government regulated network company. You still contact them on the same number. There are 5 network areas in Victoria.

What is a ‘controlled load’?

A ‘controlled load’, is sometimes called a ‘dedicated load’, usually refers to a separate tariff for a dedicated system like an electric hot water system. You can tell if you have a controlled load tariff by checking your current bill.

Which plan is better for me Boost or GloSave?

If you have an existing bill handy you can compare the plans and see which is best by clicking below.

Your bill has two main components, a Daily Charge (a fixed cost per day) and a Usage Charge (a cost per kWh of power used).
GloSave is the best option if you’re power usage is average or small and is our most popular plan. GloSave gives you a 35% discount off your entire bill (when you pay on time).
Boost is great if your power usage is above average as it gives you a bigger 40% discount, but only on the energy usage portion of your bill (when you pay on time).

We estimate an average household (of 3 or 4 people) use about 700kWh per month.

Choose boost if you use more than:

CitiPower         (City & Inner Suburbs)              812 kWh per month
United Energy (South Suburbs & Mornington)  924 kWh per month
Jemena           (North & North West Suburbs)   922 kWh per month
PowerCor        (Western Suburbs & Victoria)    659 kWh per month
Ausnet             (Northern & Eastern Victoria)    600 kWh per month

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What fees do you charge for re-energisation?


Click below to see a full list of fees and charges

Click Here

What fees do you charge to change tariff?

In order for us to change your tarrif type, we need to re-configure your meter. Click below to see a full list of our fees and charges incluing “meter reconfiguration”

Click Here

How come my bill seems higher than usual?

There are lots of things that can affect your bill. Click Here to learn more

What is a demand charge?

A demand charge is a fee based on the maximum amount of power you use (in any half hour block) during the month. To minimise your demand charge; spread your power use evenly across the day; and avoid using lots of power at once. Read more about demand charge click here.

Why does the GST appaer to be more than 10% for solar customers?

The important thing to note in that the GST is calculated first, before subtracting the solar rebate.

The front first page of the bill only contains a summary of the total charges of your bill.
The second page contains a more detailed breakdown of the charges and rates.
Most of the components that make up your bill are subject to the GST.
However, the solar feed-in portion in not subject to GST.

For example:

If your “electricity usage” and “daily supply charge” come to $100.
The $100 attracts a GST of $10
This makes the total $110 including GST
If the solar generation you produce comes to $60, this will reduce the amount you have to pay from $110 to $50.

In the summary on the front of the bill it will show total for the bill of $60 that includes a GST of $10.

Switch your home’s electricity to Globird for a great rate and no lock in contract.

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