Why Your Bill is High


As an Electricity retailer, we are heavily regulated and monitored by the regulators. All retailers must bill you based on the usage provided by a third party (that is also government regulated). In Victoria, regardless of which retailer you choose, the meter data is gathered by your local network distributor, the same data is then passed to the regulators and to your retailer for billing purposes. You can request your usage data from your local distributor independently to verify that we have used the correct data. You can find your local distributor’s contact detail on your electricity bill. If your bill seems high, here are some things to check:

The Weather

Heating and cooling can make up a large portion of your energy use. Even just one week of unusual weather can affect your bill significantly.

Billing period

The number of days in a billing period can vary. We normally bill you on a monthly basis, but this is not always possible. Check to see if the bill is for a longer billing period.

People at home

Have you spent more time at home, or have you had other people staying with you. There is a good chance this will increase your bill.


Have you bought a new appliance or used appliances you don’t commonly use, including power tools, an exercise machine, air con, or heating.

Swimming Pool

Timed swimming pool appliance use a lot of energy and it’s worth checking the settings of your swimming pool appliance.

Time of year

The best way to compare your bill accurately is to look at the bill against the same time last year because the way you use power changes depending on the season. Look at the usage in KWh as the rates may have changed.

Energy prices

Energy prices change from time to time. We always notify you before we change your rates or discount, the change often happens on Jan and July each year. Check your bill against the previous bill and see if the rates have changed.

Previous balance

If your last bill wasn’t paid in full, the remaining amount will be carried over to the next bill. Check to see if there was money owing from a last bill.

Estimate meter reads

We take all efforts to make sure your bill is based on an actual meter read. However, there are times where we may need to use an estimate. The estimate may not be accurate, however we always adjust your bill for any variance as soon as we receive an actual meter read. Please make sure the meter company have clear access to your meter.


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