why we talk aboout victorian electricity prices

In our last blog post, How much are Victorians paying for electricity – in relative terms, we used a handful of references to gather some data and then crunched those numbers.

They were official and trustworthy references, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Energy Market Commission, the World Energy Council, and the US Energy Information Administration.

We weren’t surprised that some people questioned the data, just as we expect a proportion of the people who read these posts will dismiss at least some of the information we share as ‘spin’.

After all, why would an electricity company write about a sensitive subject like electricity prices?


We share because we care

We don’t want any customers to think they’re paying too much for electricity, let alone feel as if they’re getting a bad deal.

We do, however, have to accept the reality that that is the way people feel.

It would be a whole lot easier to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that high electricity prices isn’t an issue (and you probably think some people are doing just that), or at least to keep that ‘bad news’ story to ourselves and talk more about sunshine and rainbows.

Don’t get us wrong, we like sunshine and rainbows as much as the next person, but if we’re going to be in the electricity business, we have to know the business – and that includes the issues that face us, as a retailer, and those affecting our customers.

Part of our promise to customers is to offer the best customer service in the market, and we believe that researching and sharing some interesting, useful, or just important information about electricity generation, supply, and pricing is part of that service.


We’re proudly Victorian

A lot of the articles being written these days are about Australia’s energy market, whether electricity, gas, or renewables, and it becomes a bit confusing when we try to isolate the Victorian scenario from the bigger picture.


For example, we’ve found quite a few tables comparing the average electricity price in Australia to that in other countries, but we couldn’t find one that looked specifically at Victoria, so last week we dug around for some figures and crunched those numbers.

One of our main sources, the Australian Energy Market Commission’s report on 2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends indicated that the annual consumption of a ‘representative consumer’ in Victoria was by far the lowest of all states and territories (and under half of our neighbours in Tasmania, who obviously use a lot more heating in the winter).

Again, we can understand that some people would prefer that we tried to look at the entire Australian landscape, however we operate in Victoria only and so our commitment is to the local market.

We’re doing our best

As well as trying to be open and share information we think you might be interested in through this blog, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible to any questions.

We’re grateful that we have been able to satisfy thousands of customers – and, again, a big ‘THANK YOU’ to those who have taken the time to write a review on our Facebook page – and extremely proud to have recently won two Mozo Experts Choice awards.

If you have a few minutes to read the GloBird Energy story, we think you’ll get a better understanding of our motivation and how genuine our commitment to you, the consumer, really is.

If you’re thinking about switching and have some questions, our FAQs might provide the answer, otherwise please get in touch with our locally-based customer service team … and we promise to do our best.

Meanwhile, we’ll also keep doing our best to keep you informed.

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