Without customers, a business doesn’t exist. This is something that dominates our thoughts. We are grateful for each customer that took a chance and has given our little Melbourne energy company a try.

Especially in the early days when we were completely unknown. Somehow some brave early adopters said “I’ve never heard of you, but hey, I’ll give you go” and we owe you for that. Thank you!

For a company to be successful, its essential to listen to their customers, and take feedback. At Globird Energy, we don’t think we know it all, so we’re going to keep asking questions. Whatever we do (whether we already do it well or not) we want to do better.

So today’s big question is: what made people switch to Globird?

Here are some of the things we have previously had feedback about, just to help you think about your own situation.


When people think something is expensive, it’s only natural for them to wonder “why does this cost so much?” and “can I get the same thing for less somewhere else?”. When it comes to electricity, there are now all sorts of reports in the media and ads telling you that you can save on your bill, so cost is clearly one of the main drivers behind people changing suppliers.


It’s human nature to feel a little bit wary of the “fine print”. We all think that contracts are something of a necessary evil, but at Globird Energy we decided to make ours less scary, by having no fixed term and no penalty for termination. People have told us that makes dealing with us a lot more “user friendly”.

Customer service

There are a few different ways to approach customer service, but we think the best starting point is valuing the customer. We train our customer service staff to be friendly and helpful and we do our best to respond to any issues or questions as quickly as possible. It’s not about making sure no-one is unhappy, we want every customer to be completely satisfied.


As we mentioned above in regard to contracts, we understand that people can be reluctant to be locked in to something, particularly when they feel that their circumstances may change. So Globird Energy has made it a point that whatever you sign up for, you can change the contract type at any time.


Some people feel better about doing business with a smaller, local company rather than a national or multinational one that might not understand their circumstances as well. We think being based in two-storey building in suburban Mitcham is a good thing.

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