It has been over 15 years since the start of the deregulation and reform of the Australian energy market with Victoria leading the way. Before deregulation; energy customers had no alternative but to buy their energy from large government owned entities, but the change has been slow and many consumers are still unaware of how deregulation has affected the energy market and just how much switching energy provider can affect their bill.


Recently a range of new energy providers have come on-line, and they’re competing harder than ever for your business. This is putting downward pressure on power prices. You have the power to choose your retailer, and ultimately, how much you’ll end up paying for energy. Consumers that shop around and use increased competition to their advantage are the biggest winner. The more you know about what’s on offer, the more you could possibly save in the long run.


Interestingly; although some savvy consumers have used increased competition to their advantage, the majority of consumers haven’t taken the time to look around and seek out a better deal, and as a result, they remain paying an unnecessary high rate for their electricity. Traditional energy retailers don’t necessarily give existing customers the best rate, sticking with one traditional provider can result in you paying an unnecessary high rate for the energy you consume. Unfortunately loyal customers being slugged with an unnecessarily high rate isn’t reserved to the energy market, it happens in many industries and is often referred to as the lazy tax.


Since 2004, dozens of new energy retail companies have entered the Victorian market bringing with them more competitive product offerings. Between them they have only gained approximately 30% of the Victorian market. If your reading this article, chances are you’re looking for a better deal on your electricity.


If so; don’t be put off with the idea of shopping around, you as a customer matter. You have the power to pick and choose who you give your business too. Any money you save on power is money you can use for the fun things in life. Here’s the good news; changing retailer doesn’t have to be a painful experience, switching is actually very easy; there is no interruption in your energy supply, and usually only takes a few minutes.


GloBird is one of a new breed of independent energy retailers bringing more value and choice to consumers. We promise to make switching easy, seamless and simple. So give us a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our great value and excellent service.


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