When we decided to start GloBird Energy we knew we had to get two things right: the technical side and the human side (you can read more about that in this previous post).

Those two elements intersect when it comes to the plans we offer. Firstly, we were determined to make them as good or better than any available from our competitors.

We also wanted to keep them clear and simple for our customer service team to help people who have questions or issues.


Three simple residential energy plans

Some companies offer a pay-on-time discount on part of the bill, for example, the consumption or usage portion, but not the fixed supply charge, while other companies discount the entire bill.

We have both options, so you can pick the plan that suits you best, depending on how much power you use.

GloSave is ideal for small to average size households because the discount is off the entire bill.

Boost is better for larger households with well-above-average energy usage, because it offers a larger discount, but off usage only.

Solar Plus is ideal for solar households that sell a reasonable amount of their power back to the grid. A high feed-in tariff works for some but not others.


Minimising costs and charges

We don’t have dozens of different plans because that business model creates more overheads, due to the additional resources used in devising, monitoring, adjusting, and servicing them.

In other words, keeping it simple saves us money which, in turn, saves you money.

The pay-on-time discount is offered because it costs us a lot more if people don’t pay on time.

Some people ask: “why not charge everyone less & not offer pay-on-time discounts?”.

It’s pretty simple: we don’t think people who always pay on time should be covering the additional costs for us to do business with those who don’t.

Direct debit is also a money saver for us, so we pass on that saving by incorporating that additional 1per cent discount to encourage people to do that.

We know some people don’t want to but, again, we would rather provide an incentive to those who are happy to go that way, as it does help us keep costs down.


Everything we do is modest and simple

We’re just a small business that wants to do well by being better at what we do than the majority of others in the energy retailing sector. We don’t need to dominate the marketplace. We’ll stick to our philosophy.

Our determination to keep our overheads low is exemplified by our modest office in suburban Mitcham. Gleaming multi-storey towers in the CBD are for others. We just need a functional space where our staff are comfortable and happy to come to work (less traffic and good coffee are nice bonuses!).

We also think about what consumers want and hopefully offering customers the freedom of no lock-in contracts sends a clear message that we’re not the kind of company that traps you. We believe in your right to choose.

We want you to be our customer because you want to be, not because we “made you”.

As far as GloBird Energy is concerned, we’re all in it together, and we believe a customer-business relationship that is mutually beneficial – when there’s an element of both parties doing the right thing by each other – is the most sustainable (and satisfying).

If you’re not with us yet, but might be ready to make the change, check out our plans and get a quote now. It takes about 30 seconds. Simple as that!

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