This Australian summer has been hot. That’s not unusual, but unfortunately with the extreme heat have come issues around power supply in South Australia and New South Wales.

The “national energy grid” is well and truly on the political agenda, so much so that Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel has been tasked with leading a review through the COAG Energy Council.

A significant part of what we do at Globird Energy involves keeping track of what’s happening in Australia and around the world. We need to be across federal and state policies and regulations, while also monitoring global trends, technological advances, and best practice in our industry.

Doing all of that means that we can offer you, our customers, the best (and most reliable) service at a competitive price.

Providing you with the best service means understanding you, your needs, your priorities and your concerns, so we’d love to get your feedback on the things that you worry about, in terms of your own electricity supply, as well as the bigger picture.

Dr Finkel’s review is going to produce a blueprint for national policy to “maintain the security, reliability and affordability of the national electricity market”. That’s pretty serious stuff for us.

So we want to know if you are most concerned about:

  •        affordability
  •        reliability
  •        sustainability
  •        security
  •        infrastructure
  •        resources or
  •        something else entirely?

Do you want incentives to encourage more people to embrace renewable energy sources, as we have seen with solar panels? Did you know that about 10 years ago there were fewer than 1000 properties in Australia with rooftop solar and now there are over 1.5 million?

In your experience and your social circle, is it true that people are prepared to pay more for power if it means reducing carbon dioxide emissions? Or is an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) something that politicians are more passionate about than the average person?

Or are you much more worried about how much electricity you and your family use? That’s perfectly understandable, too. As a society, we’ve never had more things to plug in and more ways to waste electricity, but we also should be able to save more with smarter appliances and more control over what we do in our homes.

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