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  • Save the planet – use excess solar in the grid
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* GloBird's FREE LUNCH is an electricity plan. The free period is not available on other plans. Terms & Conditions apply.

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    Terms and Conditions

    FREE LUNCH is an energy plan. The free period is not available on other energy plans. This offer is available to eligible Vic, NSW, South Australian residential homes with an eligible smart meter on the free lunch energy plan. An energy usage rate of $0.00 is charged between noon and 2pm each day on all standard energy circuits (controlled load or dedicated circuit will be charged as normal), energy usage rates are charged at other times of the day, see energy fact sheet or basic plan information document for rates and charges. For clear advice on the right plan for you call 133456.

    The FREE LUNCH energy plan has fixed time periods for peak and off-peak regardless of your tariff type. The off-peak period is from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM. Other times will be regarded as peak. Tariff time periods may differ to your network tariff time periods. For example, if you are on a flat rate tariff, you will be billed at two rates. $0.00 per kWh for energy used from 12-2pm on all standard energy circuits and billed at the quoted usage rate for all other times. If you meter is already on a TOU (Time Of Use) tariff also known as (Peak / Off-Peak), please be mindful that the time periods for Peak and for Off-Peak will change to the times explained above. This means the off-peak time is shorter. Also note that if you have a controlled load or dedicated circuit, the normal usage rate is charged. Although we aim to align this plan with local time, the time bands may differ for a day or two when clocks are re-set for daylight savings. Learn more.

    To be eligible for this plan you must be a GloBird customer, this means satisfying credit check, identity check, and other standard terms and conditions. You can find our credit and privacy policy and market offer terms and conditions here Legal | Globird Energy.

    Contact us on 133456 to discuss the best energy plan for you or to understand your tariff.