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GloBird - winner of MOZO's 'Best Value Solar Friendly Energy’ award 2017

GloBird Energy loves Solar


Are you one of the million plus Aussies (and counting) with solar installed at home?

For several sound reasons, adding a domestic solar system to your home is an excellent money saving and environmentally friendly solution to help with your energy use. If you’re one of those fortunate enough to produce excess solar energy you are in the enviable position of being able to sell that energy back to the grid.


GloBird Energy support solar households, and we’re shaking things up in the energy market in Victoria. Depending on the energy plan you choose, GloBird’s buy-back rate for your solar can be as high as 17c per kWh, meaning you can now profit even more from your renewable energy and feel great about helping the planet at the same time.


The benefits for home owners with solar systems are three-fold and should leave producers with a ‘glow’. Firstly – you are dramatically cutting the cost of your power bills, secondly – you are harnessing one of Australia’s most widely accessible free assets (sunshine) to create a renewable energy source, thirdly – you are paid handsomely for any excess energy you want to on sell.


We are fiercely independent, working harder and smarter to keep your energy bill under control; rewarding those who generate clean, green and renewable energy – when was the last time you felt that was an accurate description of your energy provider? GloBird Energy believes in a fair go for Victorian energy consumers and producers and winning the mozo.com.au ‘Best Value Solar Friendly Energy’ award for 2017 goes a long way to proving the point.


Head to our comparison page to compare your current plan to GloBird’s amazing rates. Breaking up with your old energy provider is as quick and painless as signing up online in under 3 minutes. Prefer some good old fashioned customer service? Give GloBird’s friendly, Melbourne based service team a call and we can switch you over to us with a few basic questions.

With no lock in contract, there’s never been a better time to switch.


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